A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal for a woman and must reflect her personality and style!

However, choosing one can be a confusing matter, due to the high variety of bridesmaid dresses available in the market today. Chances are, you are already preparing for the special day.

So, you have decided to visit the nearby bridal boutique?

Hold on for a while now!

Most women make the mistake of visiting a dress shop unprepared and turn their shopping trip into a stress full day. Being prepared for what can happen in a dress selection can help you to make the most out of the trip.

What to expect in a dress store?

  • Expect conflicting opinions

It’s a great idea to bring your family including your bridesmaid, sisters, mother in law and friends. After all, a wedding is an event to bond over right? But sometimes people can create more confusion for you with their personal opinions and recommendations. So, be prepared ahead of time.

  • Time

Choosing your perfect wedding dress is a matter of patience and observation. Selecting, fitting, and then sharing snaps with your BFFs obviouslytake time! So, please have ample time in your hands.

  • Confusion

When shopping for a wedding dress, it is common to be overwhelmed by the enormous variety of bridesmaid dresses. However, keep an open mind and educate yourself a little, you’ll surely end up with a great dress.

After you have mentally prepared for shopping, the next step is to know about the common styles of wedding dress.

Fashion is what you buy; now, what do with it is Style!

So, it’s essential to ensure that the dress you buy suits your style and projects your best self.

Common types of wedding dresses

When searching for a wedding dress, you need to consider the following types of a dress –

  • The skirt style
  • The silhouette
  • Length of the skirt style
  • Neckline
  • Sleeves and straps

Let’s look at the styles of skirts –

  • Empire Line Gown –

It’s identified by the raised waistline, which starts just below the bust and flows down. These dresses can effectively enhance a bride’s bust by drawing attention to the chest area. Additionally, ladies with short legs will look tall with empire line bridesmaid dresses.

  • A line gown –

The skirt in these dresses flows out to the ground in an unbroken line, resembling the shape of an A. An A-line gown particularly suits those with a larger bust, and can effectively hide a heavy lower body. Simple modifications to the necklines or fabric can accentuate your best feature.

  • The ballroom gown –

With a dramatic skirt style that flares up in multiple layers, a ball gown can accommodate all body types. However, if you flaunt a slender petite build, then this will particularly suitable for you.

  • Trumpet –

Just as the name says, the skirt on these wedding gowns flares out increasingly as it approaches the foot. It creates a semi-full skirt without adding any extra volume to your hips.

  • The Sheath Gown –

A sheath gown that fits closely to the contours of your body, so if you are confident on your skin, this design is perfect for you. Further, these dresses are best to show off the curves of a voluptuous body.

So, with the knowledge of the types of dresses, you are prepared for your dress shopping. Another great approach is to do some research on bridesmaid dresses from online sites.

Choose the right dress and make your big day a memorable one!