When it comes to cars, people always think of owning the latest cars or the cars that are soon going to launch. This is because cars are the things which cannot be bought every day just like anything. A person needs to think on various aspects for buying cars which include budget, mileage, features and mainly the manufacturer of the car. BMW is a well known manufacturer of cars in India and all over the world. There are many BMW upcoming cars in 2019 which will be equipped with all new features and technology. Here are listed some of the upcoming BMW cars in India that are going to launch soon in 2019.

BMW X5 New

In June 2018 the fourth generation BMW X5 was released by the manufacturers of cars. In the segment of upcoming cars x5 has been marking its place in the best car as this new-generation model of BMW X5 is going to bigger, advanced and more powerful. The new model of this car has four powertrain options for the users. Each option is equipped with a different powerful engine in their own way. The boot space of 645 litres can be increased, and it can be up to 1,860 litres. This new model of BMW X5 is expected to launch by June 2019 in the market.

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BMW i8 Roadster

This is one of the Upcoming BMW cars which is known to become the third member of futuristic I family. This model of BMW car is equipped with the 1.5 litre 3-cylinder gasoline engine. The engine of the car produces a power of 369 bhp and 570 Nm of torque mated to an automatic six-speed gearbox. This model of BMW claims to provide an average mileage of 53 kilometres, and the lightweight is provided by CRPF construction. This car is expected to launch in the month of February 2019.


Today SUV is known to be one of the most bought cars, and BMW can’t be back in having their own car of SUV segment. This full-size premium SUV is expected to launch in the month of February 2019 with one of the best exterior design. The engine of this car is mated to the 8-speed automatic xDrive AWD system. The estimated price for this car among the upcoming cars in India is between 80 Lakhs to 1.2 Crores.


The above-mentioned are some of the upcoming cars in 2019 with all the latest features and technologies.