It’s easy to become tired of Valentine’s Day. The roses, chocolates, and candlelight dinner no longer carry the same weight they once did. However, it’s not a day that should be written off. It is a fantastic opportunity to share an amazing experience with your loved one while also showing them how much they mean to you. London is also a great city within which to share Valentine’s Day since it is brimming with interesting venues and exciting events. So, if you are looking to try something quirkier and more inspiring this year, then here are a few suggestions!

Make It Together


Choosing a gift for your partner is a lovely gesture. However, making it together is even better, as well as being a wonderful and shared experience. London has many venues where you can make your own bouquet of flowers, create a perfume, or craft your own pottery together. You will enjoy an afternoon learning about and creating your own decorations then take them home together! Then, each time you spray the perfume or use the cups you both made, you will be reminded of the special day.


Dine Differently

Some of the world’s most interesting and intriguing restaurants can be found in London. Why not try a lavish dining experience at Bob Bob Ricard? Each section of the restaurant is decadent and glamorous, serving a high-quality fusion of English and Russian cuisine. Each table is also equipped with its own personal Press For Champagne button too! Or, you could both brave the dark dining experience of Dans Le Noir. The infamous restaurant where you eat in total darkness. It can be slightly intimidating at first but it is a great way to brighten other senses and great fun when shared. You could then go on to drink at one of London’s many decadent and quirky bars, such as Callooh Callay or Bunga Bunga!


Have Your Own Space

If the day is going to continue into the evening then you will want a comfortable and personal space. Aparthotels are a fantastic way to stay within the city in a location and apartment of your own choosing. Whether you want a place looking out over the skyline or an apartment tucked away in London’s old buildings, you will be able to find appropriate accommodation. You can then enjoy the rest of your Valentine’s Day night in a spacious and high-quality apartment! You can find a listing of excellent London aparthotel here.




Taking care of your wellbeing by pampering yourself is a recommended activity at any time of year. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to do it together, helping you relax and feel fresh. While there may be plenty of spas around the city, be sure to check out the more intriguing experience of a banya at the Banya No. 1 Russian spa club. You’ll be able to enjoy everything from full-body mud wraps to having your stress washed away with the traditional parenie!