Italy is a country that anyone is bound to visit sooner or later. Either for pleasure or for study trips, it is a country that offers a lot to travellers, thanks to its endless variety of natural, architectural and artistic beauties. In recent years Italy has experienced a new type of traveller thanks to a new trend that seems to bring together both the tourism and the wedding industries. It is the destination wedding phenomenon and in this article we will examine it.

By destination weddings we mean weddings where couples say “I do” in a country that is not their own. It could be a country that they fell in love with in a previous trip or the country of origin of one of the two partners.

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As stated above, destination weddings concerns professionals of the wedding industry such as wedding photographers, wedding planners, and so on, but also many more associated operators such as managers and owners of dream locations, hotels, farmhouses, etc. …

The couples who decide to marry in Italy can usually afford fabulous weddings, having large sums of money available to spend for the event. The spouses arriving from abroad to get married in Italy are usually from the UK, the USA, Canada but also Russia.

Among the favourite destinations of Italian-style weddings we find Venice, Verona and Lake Como in the North, Tuscany, Rome and Umbria in the Centre, and the Amalfi Coast in the South of Italy. Castles, modern resorts, period villas or country-style homes are then rented in these locations.
Regardless of the city or region chosen by the spouses, the latter will nevertheless have the assurance of tasting great food capable of blending delicious ingredients, tradition and culinary research.

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These are very intimate weddings i.e. with few guests since it would be objectively quite difficult to ask a large number of people to travel and stay overnight. Oftentimes, those who marry in Italy then organize a symbolic ceremony in the country of origin for the guests who did not manage to reach the spouses in the “bel Paese”.

In the world of destination weddings, the wedding planner plays a very important role. These professionals in fact manage the entire wedding and the organization is mostly done long-distance via the Internet. The wedding planners specialised in destination weddings must therefore be fluent in English and quite good at remote communication.