Many car dealerships provide sale certified second hand cars in Bangalore, but a very few of them are noteworthy and reputable. Even when the second hand car is certified, a whole lot of problems can arise. It would obviously be better than a normal certified car, but to make sure it is as good as a new car, you should definitely ask the dealer the following questions. These questions would guarantee that you are receiving the car in the best possible condition and the best possible price.

Here are four questions that you should ask before you buy a certified second hand car:

1. Can I See the Pre-Certification Inspection Report of the Mechanic?

Every certified car goes through a proper inspection before it gets certified. This pre-certification inspection is done by a reputed mechanic and he/she also fixes some minor/major problems in the car before passing it through for certification. The mechanic also generates a proper report of what has been fixed and what was the starting condition of the car. This report is something that you should hold onto for reference in case of any future problem.

2. Who Was the Certification Authority?

Certified used cars can be certified by either the manufacturer or any insurance-backed program. Always buy a certified pre-owned car that has been certified by the manufacturer. The insurance-backed programs do promise a lot, but lack in terms of delivering those promises. The manufacturers, on the other hand, deliver what they have promised at all times.

3. What Level of Servicing Has Been Done on the Used Car by the Dealership Since It Acquired the Car?

This is another important question you should ask. This would tell you whether you need to get the car serviced immediately or you won’t need to deal with any kind of service repairs in the near future. You must remember that used cars require constant work upon them.Therefore, the service call would be sooner than new cars.

4. Do You Take Trade-Ins?

This would make your life fairly easy. You can trade in your old car for this used car and even sell this used car back here. This way, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of selling your used car on your own.

Buying a certified used car is a smart choice and an even smarter one is to make sure that the used car is properly vetted and checked. Therefore, don’t forget to ask these questions before you purchase your car.